Jun 23 2012

Owe this to Axis Bank

A colleague, reportedly, has been successful changing his address in AxisBank account. And the bank might run an enquiry into how(on earth) this became possible!

Legend is like: there is a magical link between Axisbank’s record-storage and the dustbin. And few documents/requests that escape this link, are manually shredded by some God-forsaken-man/woman.

This stone-age banking doesn’t allow you to do anything online. Some features are advertised: you click and proceed… Half-way thru, it breaks and looks like the coder left his/her job half-way due to non-payment.
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Mar 24 2012

Wherever the bus goes

Phone rang at 11:30 and I got up. Friend was asking if I had the day free; and I did have.

I was supposed to call him back in an hour for lunch venue and (possibly) a movie. But I received a call “I am at Agara” (mind the ‘a’)
I asked, “What? You were supposed to wait for my call about the lunch venue!”
Reply: “I got into a bus and it was going towards …”

I: “And why (the hell) did you get into a bus?”
He: “I get into buses and go where it goes, on days when I am free 😀 “

I: “Okay, now get into another bus that comes towards my place. Nonveg is okay? We can go to a good restaurant here.”
He: “Okay. Done”

10 minutes later phone rang. I asked, “Are you almost reaching here?”
“No, I didn’t get into bus. I bought two lunch-coupons at the Jagannath temple :D”

I: “Umm, okay. (Since 2006, I was planning to have a lunch there, someday) I will be there in 30.”
He: “They say food will be over in 10-15 minutes”

I: “Okay, make it 20. I am coming.”

So, finally, I had lunch at the Jagannath temple.

What next?


Checked online booking, and all theatres were found houseful, except the corners of first rows! No idea who watched movies when most Bangaloreans were out on a long-weekend.

Population on long-weekends (last Diwali, and this Ugadi) is ideal for Bangalore; and bus ride is cool. This can stay; if there are stricter laws on population control. However, there always are ‘Didi’ characters that make sure no development activities can happen on Indian soil; just like they pulled Indian Railways back to stone-age.

We hoped, all this public-support-for-rail-budget on internet might reach some of those dumb, deaf ears. But, unfortunately, India has a single-digit internet penetration and these Didis do not care for literates. There still are 90+% of internet-illiterates in India for the vote-bank! And crooks can go to any extent (e.g. facebook ban) to stop Indian masses getting internet-literate. You mustn’t educate people or they might be able to distinguish the good from the bad.

A captured maoist once said ‘we aim to govern the whole of India in next 20 years’. And they are close. Else, who can twist the law and make A/C class traveler bear the price/expenditure hike of the normal class!!

We decided to get into bus. But where to?
Conductor asked the same. Friend replied, “Wherever the bus goes”

Jul 23 2011

Getting Married

No, don’t take me wrong. I don’t think am getting married in very near future.

It’s just I thought of getting married, just for a change.

Post lunch I was thinking what experiment should be done today. And decided to search someone to get married. Browsed through some girls’ profiles on a matri site and everyone seemed to be looking for a bigshot. “Must have very good income” was a common phrase. Plus more than 80% of profiles boasted about their parent’s grand estate, bro’s job in NASA and sis’ Nobel Prize…

Getting bored, I asked a friend why these people wanted this. And the reply was, “everyone thinks if they aim at the moon, they will land up atleast on a star”. I don’t think “everyone” was the right term though.

Aother power outage disconnected my internet. May be God wanted me to watch a movie instead. So I watched “An American Werewolf in London”. Good one!

Power was back when movie got over; and I was curious to browse the matrimonial profiles of guys of my age/income-group/society. Huh, the Nobel-Prize-Effect was much much larger in case of the guys. Why on earth should a guy boast about bro-in-law’s estate in Toronto!!

Another guy had even forgotten that half of his profile was written in 3rd person: “I am a bank manager, this profile is for my engg son…”.Later half of the profile said, “am an engineer, my dad is a bank manager and mom homemaker…” 😀

OK, serius stuff now. Suggest me what I should write in my matrimonial profile. Assuming my partner preference would be someone who can read (and try to get SOME meaning out of) all my blogs and still not get bored. Add some generic preferences as you may find suitable. Or, it’s even better if you know someone like that and I don’t at all need to create a profile.

Jul 15 2011

Will miss the Cream Biscuits

Someone broke the silence in the elevator, “Last day in paradise 🙁 …”

Yeah, people were busy packing their things up to exit from the office. Most discovered many items in the pedestal drawers; items considered long lost; cheque-book, diary, watch,marriage-ring… Items I discovered were a small bottle of Aquafina, Frooti, and a til-ka-ladoo (sweet made of Sesame seeds).

Scene was sentimental when the facilities head accepted my access card and keys. He wished us good luck and I thought of talking for a minute though I must run to catch the office shuttle, for the last time.

In shuttle, I asked, “does this go to ###?” One guy answered, “yes, yesterday also you went in this one :)” Oh, I faintly remember, it’s the same guy I had asked the same question yesterday.

3 seats were occupied in the 30-seater shuttle.

I extended my hand and said “Hi, am …”
He delayedly replied, “Hi” and smiled. I wasn’t sure why he decided not to introduce himself.

But he continued, “I am #### $@. I was sitting next to $$$$ in 6th floor. You might have seen me there. If you take a left when you enter, you would reach my desk.”

“I am from ####. Actually my full name is #### $$$$ @@@@. Here most people do not tell the last two parts of their name… they say just the first name… In my dad’s place all know me by surname… In mom’s place they call me by firstname though…”
I really had forgotten his name. I asked again, “what’s your FULL name?”

He continued, “It’s #### $$$$ @@@@. But in office outlook it appears like $$$$ @@@@, ####. Interesting 🙂 But my actual name is not how it displays in office outlook. It’s #### $$$$ @@@@”
I was silent for some time. But I thought may be this guy is too simple, simple as I like.

He added, “Hey you know about the HRA Declaration page…?” I pointed at a seat parallel to mine and said “you can come over there. :)”

He added, “How important is the house owner’s address in the declaration? Actually I have mentioned some extra amount in the HRA declaration. Will they come to the address to check it?”
I said “no. not as of now. but may be possible in few years.” I was thinking of the print-outs pasted at tea stalls in Hyderabad. “LTA and medical bills available here.”

We realized we are gonna work in a same office again. Discussed further on the seat numbers, his residence place, the problem of accommodating a desktop computer in his small 1BHK where the family of 3 reside… etc.

I was about to get down and shook hand with a “Bye, c ya”. And I asked, “but what’s your name? 🙂 You see I forget names..” He smiled back and said the name. I mentally derived a logic how this name is related to parts of two other names I know. So now I won’t forget it again.

But I will miss the cream-biscuits in that office. And the office too. Aamir Khan had a similar office in Ghajini.

Missing scene from Ghajini

Jul 7 2011

Li’l Miracles

Heavy rains and I wanted to walk down to the shop next lane for a tea. By the time I locked my door, rain had grown fierce. It was seven-twentyish and a sudden power outage rendered everything black.

I was walking with an umbrella and my shoes fully soaked in water. It was awesome though 🙂

Near the tea-stall, I thought, “let’s have a walk besides the park… it must be real quiet and peaceful now…” and kept on walking. I was thinking of the roasted corns they sell near the park entrance; amidst a whole range of items… tender coconut, chats, guava and whatnot. Heavy rains means no business for them … and some hard times…

Nearing the park, noone was seen inside. Ofcourse it was raining… but I really thought someone must be roaming inside… for adventure’s sake!
Now I can see a humanish thing on a bench! But why isn’t it moving at all? Oh no, that last hope is also gone. It’s not nobody.

Wait, what is that light coming out of the pitch-dark tree-shades? My sixth sense said it must be the coal fire for roasting corn. But in this rain?? With noone there to buy!!

I couldn’t resist walking. Yes, it was the family who sold roasted corns. The husband and wife were standing still. Soaked to the bone. And an umbrella was protecting the shining coal fire.

Jun 28 2011

48 Hours

44 hours of research seemed useless where beautiful softwares were just able to detect “yes, it seems like an HDD connected”. But there is always a last resort: screwdrivers!

Here is the last 4hrs for practice at your home:

Remove battery, remove the HDD

another prey for dissection

Do it. Show no affection for earthly things!

Remove the HDD from casing

Strip off everything... green stuff

Didn't you hear? Strip off the connectors!

Fix 'em on the damaged HDD

Connect a cable

And connect to a working PC

Dark is beautiful!

When all those colorful softwares fail, CLI rules. Get a black-beauty SW. And be patient with her.

Back to Business.

Jun 27 2011

Keyboard Missing. Hit F1 to continue …

Laptop crashed as a Friday night surprise.

Every reboot option ended up at a C:\> prompt and I had no clue what command could be run. Tried all unix commands hoping some might work on Windows by coincidence (yeah, DATE works).

Finally recalled something called DIR, but it showed there are no DIR’s in my hdd. 🙁

Tried to shutdown.. tried …
exit: bad command
shutdown: bad command
bye: bad command
disconnect: bad command
(Didn’t wait to try this one. Just pressed power button.)

So, the OS (hopefully not the whole hdd) was gone. All I needed was Windows7 installer dvd or USB drive. Oh, now I understand why my new USB drive has gone missing since yesterday!

Finally, the guy-next-door was in. Used his pc to make a Win7 installer flash drive.
All cool, now just gonna re-install the OS.

Win7 installer asked: “upgrade or new install? ‘Upgrade’ will keep your files, ‘New install’ will not.”
I was not sure but remembered I had lots of documents on the desktop.. so let’s not do a new install. Let’s upgrade. But it said, “if you wanna upgrade, start your existing OS, run the installer from therein and chose ‘upgrade’..”
What the.. Why shud I upgrade (instead of watching movie) if my OS were working?

I was thinking whether to let it go and do a new install…; after 1 hr, decided to let the docs go.

Chose “new install”. Now it says: “Your hdd is RAW, not formatted. Format now?” (You mean there is nothing on the hdd and want to format the 250GB data!!!)

I said, “come again? there is nothing on the hdd?” It said “yes,no.”
I took a step back and chose “repair”. It said “Can’t repair. Nothing is there to repair. Can’t detect any Windows installation.”
I chose “restore”. It said “no backups available.”

Now am damn desperate to know if something still exists on my hdd. Only solution was a live cd. Linux seemed too user-enemily. So bartPE is the option. Again made a PE CD on neighbour’s pc and booted.. Looked for hdd.. it did not exist at all!! 🙁 🙁

What do I do? Need to research what can be done. And need a computer for research.

Then remembered the recently bought (for charity) warranty-expired, old, damn-old, desktop. Huh, it came with the user-enemily linux. Let’s install Win xp on it and make it usable. At guy-next-door’s again.

Connected cables and switched it on. It said “keyboard missing, please press F1 or F2 to continue.” Now that’s beyond human capabilities…

However, I connected a keyboard.. started installation.. Now realized the drivers CD was not provided with the desktop.

Can download from internet though. Wait, don’t we need ethernet driver first, for internet to work? 🙁

Oh! I had forgotten the wireless data card lying on the desk. That can be used to download the ethernet driver. Installed the data card drivers. Let’s start the internet! And it needs a login!! I don’t remember it. Can’t disturb ppl at 2am to ask the login.. Last thing I remember about the login was it being a phone number. E-mails and Internet, unfortunately, don’t (have the guts to) support regex search.

My phone refused to connect GPRS… went outdoors and it now connected. Searched random emails from the friend and found a couple of phone numbers in different context.. ran back and one of those worked!

Mar 30 2011


Heard crackers while packing for my vacation. It was India winning. I had forgotten to check the score.
I had live scorecard running on my mobile even though the highly-deteriorated Airtel had excessively charged my 3G usage. The case is still disputed and ofcourse I will not pay a single paisa extra. I can, although, give them some extra bad-publicity, FREE. Whoever said “any publicity is good publicity” was wrong.
I had spoken to 7 customer care (so called) reps after the first day I used their 3G service. None of them understands anything about the service THEY are offering. A common reply was “Wait till the bill comes” !

Cricket is sometimes good. Especially for traffic-stricken cities like Bangalore. There was very thin attendance at office. Some observed half-day. Some were on sick-leave. Rest were glued to screens abundant everywhere around the work place.

Security Staff left their CCTVs

Security Staff left their CCTVs

The (sickly greedy) hotel owner had yesterday predicted that Pakistan would win. Today I heard him announcing he would distribute FREE sweets to customer and FREE mutton to staff; if India wins. (That’s Confidence!)

As time passed, he said it was “mutter”, “aloo-mutter” for staff, not mutton. But the sweets for customers stay.

Whatever, I will set off on my vacation tomorrow morning!

Mar 23 2011

Supper Moon

I sent the following image from my new camera to my sis and asked what it was. She said, “it looks like a pithaa”.

NOT the Super Moon

NOT the Super Moon

Pithaa’s are the regional name for cakes. Imagine something like ‘Uttapam’? Well, if you can’t imagine, DO NOT get lost! Here is an image of what to imagine.

Moon Cake

Moon Cake

Now the Super Moon. This one is the best I could get of Earth n Moon:

Earth and Moon

Earth and Moon

Sometime after moonrise:
SuperMoon Pineapple Flavor

Super Moon: Pineapple Flavor

Not liked the pineapple flavor? Here is plain vanilla one. Taken at around midnight.

Super Moon: Vanilla

Super Moon: Vanilla

Jan 1 2011

‘Tis New Year!


Wish You all good stuff in the New Year!