A Bug’s Death

It was 3 o’ clock at night. In my dream, an insect stung my left shoulder and I could feel my left arm getting paralyzed.

A small department of the brain was watchful. I could hear the personnel inside talking, “Wait a moment, isn’t this the same as the dream yesterday?”. All of a sudden, they raised alarm. And I got up.

In near-perfect darkness, my half-asleep brain detected a dark, moving object, on the mat. Oh, then the sting was real! (even though the paralyzed feeling was possibly due to carrying the laptop)

Without a second thought, I opened the biscuit jar, captured the bug under the lid and went asleep while excitedly innovating ideas on how to kill the bug the most painful way, next morning. However, the media might need a photograph and thus I got up again to shift the bug to another transparent cell and sealed it with sellotape (Cellotape is a mis-spelling).

Sentenced to Death

Sentenced to Death

It was morning and there were no insect-rights groups or media so far. It’s damn easy though to get attention in the TV media, here in Hyderabad. Every other house in the lane have their own news TV channel. They live solely upon sting operations; against tomato vendors who deny to give a discount; or against pizza delivery boys demanding a tip. Sometimes they morph photos and CREATE news: “the milking stone”, “computer mouse gave birth to another”, “hyderabad techie travelled faster than light” and “osama traced near obama’s estate” etc.

I didn’t have any intention to prolong the death sentence. It’s only rich nations like India who can forever feed and nourish captured terrorists. Also, I was least interested in attaining the divine experience by letting the insect go.

You can’t actually criticize India on what it does with terrorists. In 1999, we had an outstanding peformance of saving 178 lives by just releasing 3 well-fed terrorists from our jails. Now imagine the tremendous potential we have to save lives with all these rodents and insects in jail.

Well, the bug had died. Probably due to lack of food or air; or may be from the overnight struggle to escape. I dropped the whole prison into dustbin. I didn’t want chaos by unruly ants after an in-custody death.

9 Responses to “A Bug’s Death”

  • Rabi Says:

    Now the bug’s soul will haunt you!

  • Rabi Says:

    BTW.. the method applied by you reminded me of a thriller movie called ‘Spoorloos’. Seen it ??

    • DRK Says:

      Checked the movie plot.. sounds interesting.. I will see it 2moro (assuming I get hold of a copy).
      Be ready to face consequences if I don like it. 😈

  • Ana Says:

    Hmmh…was this the best innovative way u could punish the bug?!!
    Had u haven’t got a clue on the ways, shouldn’t u hav checked with me on it? And as u think theres none on earth who can be more punishing than ME…
    I wud hav suggested ways like frying the insect in a teaspoon of acid, plucking its legs 1-by-1 thereby learning to count 1,2,3,…NEED MORE???

    • DRK Says:

      More than 90% of mosquitoes caught alive by me are left alive. I just plucked their legs so that they can’t have a strong hold on the next prey. Din try the acid stuff tho.

  • mag Says:

    DRK Nice photograph :)…after seeing this in place of insect i started imaginig you ha ha ha …just kidding …

  • Anon Says:

    @ Mag: After cing ur name above, i started imaginig you in place of the insect…
    Not kidding though…ha ha haaaaaaa

  • Jeevan Says:

    Was a nice treatment to the poor bug.

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