Attacked by Something

Thought of letting the world know about the ‘something’ that made the scratch-marks on my hand. In fact, I wrote this because I have no other interesting work and this is one of the only few snaps I have on my laptop right now.

The damaged region

The damaged region (actual size 1")

The spots counted more than four on my right fist. Not too-deep but little painful. Not a single sharp object was recovered from the spot and the bedroom was well sterilized of bed-bugs and the like.

So how did all this happen? I just happened to discover this damage to my hand right as I woke up in the morning. No idea what had caused them. Vampires could be the reason. But they can suck blood with one piercing; who so many?

If it’s the blood-sucking vampire, again, why are so many spots? Was he/she looking for the spot with maximum liquid-pressure? If so, it could have detected it using the ultra-sonic they use to detect obstacles in the night (their day time). I know metallurgists use ultra-sonics for NDT (non-destructive-testing) of oil-pipes.

That is to say, if India’s proposed ‘Peace Pipeline’ (the natural-gas pipeline proposed from Iran thru Pakistan) is damaged, I mean intentionally, inside Pakistan and we just receive plain air in it’s Pakistani composition, then the Indian team won’t dare to go inside Pakistan to inspect the whole length of underground pipeline. So we will send ultra-sonics along the pipe’s body and expect two significant echoes of the same. One from the other end in Iran and the other from the leakage-spot in Pakistan. Some arithmetic will give a fair idea of the damage location.

In fact, there could be infinite number of echoes assuming the Indian pipe getting busted once each by every Taliban and the like. The very same way half of India’s slum-population get drinking water from the pipes running through cities. Another option would give you a single echo. A singe echo (from Iran) is very encouraging because it may prove that the leakage news was just a hoax. However, a single echo can also occur at Indian border if rest of the pipeline is made non-existent over-night.

Well, so it was not a work of normal vampire. Multiple vampires could have created this, but I don’t think there is space enough to accommodate multiple vampires in between the hurt-spots.

But vampires like it on the neck, don’t they?

This incident will remain a suspense unless you find anithing capable of doing it. And the purpose, of course.

Not completely ruling out the involvement of vampires, I changed my website design to the current one. The earlier dark one with white text was said to be the favourite of vampires. Let’s see…

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  • Phool Says:

    Hey D,

    I found what could have caused the marks on your hand which looked like dog bites…it could be that u r affected with a serious medical problem-eczema/dermatitis…treatment may include cutting that arm or if required that hand.You may contact me in case you need assistance 4 d same….Nice day!!!

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