Heard crackers while packing for my vacation. It was India winning. I had forgotten to check the score.
I had live scorecard running on my mobile even though the highly-deteriorated Airtel had excessively charged my 3G usage. The case is still disputed and ofcourse I will not pay a single paisa extra. I can, although, give them some extra bad-publicity, FREE. Whoever said “any publicity is good publicity” was wrong.
I had spoken to 7 customer care (so called) reps after the first day I used their 3G service. None of them understands anything about the service THEY are offering. A common reply was “Wait till the bill comes” !

Cricket is sometimes good. Especially for traffic-stricken cities like Bangalore. There was very thin attendance at office. Some observed half-day. Some were on sick-leave. Rest were glued to screens abundant everywhere around the work place.

Security Staff left their CCTVs

Security Staff left their CCTVs

The (sickly greedy) hotel owner had yesterday predicted that Pakistan would win. Today I heard him announcing he would distribute FREE sweets to customer and FREE mutton to staff; if India wins. (That’s Confidence!)

As time passed, he said it was “mutter”, “aloo-mutter” for staff, not mutton. But the sweets for customers stay.

Whatever, I will set off on my vacation tomorrow morning!

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