Death at the Graveyard

Land of the Souls

Land of the Souls

The lady said she had a near-death experience.

She was in an auto-ricksaw and it was passing by the War Cemetery. It had already been dark in the evening and nothing else was on the road. The graveyard was dimly lit. And she felt something pulling her backwards by the neck. She almost got a heart-attack.

It went on for quite some time until the thing finally gave up.

We had an exclusive interview with the victim:

DRK: Be calm. Everything will be allright. Can you tell our audience where and when exactly this happened?

She: I have already told you! See what you have written above.

DRK: So initially what was your reaction? What you thought it could be?

She: It was hardly visible. And there were so many graves… thousands of them! I thought it was a ‘bhoot’, some unsatisfied soul that wanted me for company.

DRK: How did it end?

She: It pulled my neck from behind for quite some time. I felt I was dead. And suddenly the thing let it go. He fled on a bike.

DRK: Bike?!?

She: Yeah, it was all over by the time I realized someone tried to snatch the gold chain from my neck. I didn’t get time to think it was a human. I thought some unsatisfied soul may be. The chain got entangled in my hair and he gave up.

DRK: So heavy a chain? WoW! How many grams? (This Qn was removed by editor)

DRK: If the chain was that strong and you were sitting in the auto, you could have pulled that human into the auto, right?

She: Yeah, I could have. But he was away when I realized it was a pullable human.I didn’t even see his face.

DRK: Why did you mention it had almost taken your life?

She: You see, it was a graveyard. I was hardly able to breathe. My hair practically saved my life.

DRK: So what would you like to say to aur audience?

She: Wear shirts, not tops, while travelling at night, alone. And stay ready to pull somebody in at any moment!

DRK: Thank you for being with us today.
We will have  a small tea-break. Stay tuned to see what happened to a chain snatcher at the graveyard. After the break.

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