DreamWorks -Two

Let’s just quickly celebrate first aniversary of me capturing this photo in Hyderabad, India.

Back A Year

Back A Year

I arrived there in the evening and was to join office the next morning. Was kinda feeling bad in the new place. So went for a small visit to this lake-side.

Back to yesterday’s dream:

A rose petal flew away in the wind. It started from the bushes in our backyard in a village in the Republic of India. It flew and flew and flew.

One of these

One of these

And flew.

And now it is flying over The United States. The US Government made the petal fly in a direction somewhat towards California. With fighter planes escorting the rose-petal 24×7, they managed to keep it suspended in air for a couple of weeks while the ground force was busy building a perfume factory.

Finally the facory was done and the suspended petal was lowered into the factory. Machines started running and… perfume flowing down the pipes.

There was a strict order not to let a singe perfume particle leave the factory. US Military was deployed to guard the facility. Soldiers were ordered to drink the potion in case of an accidental leakage.

And the perfume leaked. It started flowing out of every single pore and water pipe out of the factory. Military has no orders other than drink it.

The soldiers drank the potion. Now love blossomed inside them. All left their arms and ammunition and returned to their homes.

Phone rang and I got up.

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