It was a dreamy night yesterday. There were couple of short dreams of which I remember the last two. I mean fraction of the last two.

Last But One:

I was a kid at home; in the village in India. When my mom and sis used to watch TV, I would suddenly enter the room with a gift-wrapped package in hand. And they pause the TV show to see what was inside.

Inside were fire crackers. Some other day it was a packet of crayons. And once it was a plasma globe. I don’t remember what they said.

This time I again entered the room with a package; gift-wrapped.

And when we opened it, there sitting was a pigeon!

Mom was about to give me a slap asking where I got those packages from.

I said, “I get it from the stone wall in front of the house.”
Sis said, “WHAT?”
I said, “Yes. There is an unix shell script that is running inside the wall. May be it has been added to the cron.
It takes input as ‘deepak pigeon zip’ and the wall throws out a pigeon gift-wrapped.
If you don’t want the gift-wrap, omit the ‘zip’. The pigeon will come out of the wall flying.”

Mom was bursting with anger.
She asked, “OK. Bring a kilo of ripe mangoes; gift-wrapped. NOW.”

I shouted aloud, ‘deepak mangoes -q -kg 1 zip’

And there it was! A packet fell from somewhere on the garden. Next to the croton plant.

Croton plant died in summer. This is a replacement.

Croton plant died in summer. This is a replacement.

Last Dream:

We, the kids, were kidnapped and confined to a fort guarded by bandits with huge guns. And they had black helmet with something written in yellow.

We made a plan and all of us attacked one of the gun men. I got his gun and hurled it at another gun man to hit on his head. Then another. And another.

We had the whole fort under our control.

The gun men had already raised the alarms and another armed ‘black-yellow-helmet’ group was coming for their rescue.

We took bicycles and ran away.

In the next scene, there were two of us on our bi-cycles. It was raining on the muddy road.

On the way, there was a small shop that sold roasted peanuts. And the other kid wanted us to stop and get some.

I had two packets of peanut and groundnuts in my pant pocket. I had got it from home. But I didn’t want to share it. So I agreed and went to the shop to buy some peanuts for the other kid.

Meanwhile, the backup team of bandits arrived in jeeps and stopped there. Probably they suspected we were among the kidnapped ones.

Both of us shouted, “Hail black-yellow-helmet. Long live black-yellow-helmet”.
And they left.

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