Get a job; Else, get Married

Many of us think “TimesJobs” is a job portal. One of my friends too did.

Last week, while on phone, he remarked, “after I uploaded my resume on TimesJobs, my mailbox is getting filled up with SPAM. Not a single authentic job related email!”. I too, after having been the victim of The Great Indiatimes Credit Card Fraud, took his words seriously. But not that seriously.

So I created a dummy user account on TimesJobs with a dummy email ID. They were not that slow as in the “Credit Card” episode. In 2 hrs, I got the first job-mail from there:

1st Job Mail

1st Job Mail

Don’t know whom all they sold my account. In next 2 days, my inbox was getting loaded with all these job offers. Especially two of them were from “BMW AUTOMOBIL…” saying I won $10000000..(and many more zeroes).

Courtesy of TimesJobs

Courtesy of TimesJobs


Couple more TimesJobs Special:



And this one is really a special service from them:

yet another

yet another

Now the experiment was over. (You can try this at home. This was not done by any specially trained professionals. You don’t need to be one.) The final TimesJobs punchline being, “get a job; else, get married; else, read adult jokes.”

This morning a lady called “hello sir, I am calling from SBI, Credit Cards Division…”

I said, “Ok..”

She said, “we have this this offer on the card. Are you interested?”

I said, “Yes, I am.”

She asked, “What’s your current gross income, organization, designation, …”

I said, “…,…,…,…”

She asked, “Date of Birth?”

I said, “…”

She said, “Sorry sir, SBI has age restrictions. Do you have ANNYY documents where your age is higher by 1 year?”


She said, “Ok, are you interested in HDFC Credit Card? They do not have age restrictions.”

I felt as if this lady had been trained by the IndiaTimes Group.

Now the question is, how many of us still do believe “SimplyMarry” is a matrimonial site?

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