Getting Married

No, don’t take me wrong. I don’t think am getting married in very near future.

It’s just I thought of getting married, just for a change.

Post lunch I was thinking what experiment should be done today. And decided to search someone to get married. Browsed through some girls’ profiles on a matri site and everyone seemed to be looking for a bigshot. “Must have very good income” was a common phrase. Plus more than 80% of profiles boasted about their parent’s grand estate, bro’s job in NASA and sis’ Nobel Prize…

Getting bored, I asked a friend why these people wanted this. And the reply was, “everyone thinks if they aim at the moon, they will land up atleast on a star”. I don’t think “everyone” was the right term though.

Aother power outage disconnected my internet. May be God wanted me to watch a movie instead. So I watched “An American Werewolf in London”. Good one!

Power was back when movie got over; and I was curious to browse the matrimonial profiles of guys of my age/income-group/society. Huh, the Nobel-Prize-Effect was much much larger in case of the guys. Why on earth should a guy boast about bro-in-law’s estate in Toronto!!

Another guy had even forgotten that half of his profile was written in 3rd person: “I am a bank manager, this profile is for my engg son…”.Later half of the profile said, “am an engineer, my dad is a bank manager and mom homemaker…” 😀

OK, serius stuff now. Suggest me what I should write in my matrimonial profile. Assuming my partner preference would be someone who can read (and try to get SOME meaning out of) all my blogs and still not get bored. Add some generic preferences as you may find suitable. Or, it’s even better if you know someone like that and I don’t at all need to create a profile.

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