Learning from the rich

History repeats! Exactly four years back, the first time I had had something in KFC, I had decided I would never do it again.

Today, I took the same oath again.

I was fascinated by the toy-looking things eaten by toy-looking people sitting inside boxes with glass walls. I was new to a city and some friends ordered chicken in KFC with the first salary. After I saw the huge things with yellow flour-made crust, I wondered, “is this also called chicken?” The only chicken I (and everyone at my home) knew was a type of spicy curry of a bird-that-can’t-fly. It’s the same bird whose eggs were commonly sold as eggs.

But the thing in KFC was something else. If you reverse-engineer such a product, it would seem the actual bird was given some steroids to gain 4 times more weight in a week. ( I do have more knowledge on this than the average you. My dad worked as a vet. ) The bird’s legs, thus, would be incapable of bearing its own weight. Go to the place where the KFC-chicken and McD-chicken come from. I bet, 80% of the birds would be unable to stand up to greet you.

So that was that year. And I decided, never again.

Thanks to Hell; KFC was the only option today while we had to wait at a shopping mall for 2.5 hours. Well, there WAS another option: a 35/- Andhra-Thali ( not yet called Teleng-Thali ) sold at Rs 135/-. So we got 2 pieces of the monster bird each. Three show-off-type girls were staring at the menu and the pictures of the plastic-looking food while I spoke to myself “it’s these rich, stupid girls who promote the McD’s and the KFC’s”. Soon they were murmering, “don’t we get any hotel nearby?.. where we get plain rice and stuff..”. And they left.

We started eating. As expected, it was pathetic. Kinda boiled chicken inside a oil-dripping crust. They called it “juicy”. But I would prefer fruits than decomposed chicken juice.


Oily Smelly Unhealthy

Oily Smelly Unhealthy

“I don’t think I could finish even 1 piece. Would you mind accommodating the other?” I asked the friend.
He said he too felt the same; but trying to finish it off coz it’s costly; and asked me to do the same.

“But some great people have said, don’t eat stale food just because you have paid for it.” I exclaimed.
“They must be rich people.” was the reply.

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