Li’l Miracles

Heavy rains and I wanted to walk down to the shop next lane for a tea. By the time I locked my door, rain had grown fierce. It was seven-twentyish and a sudden power outage rendered everything black.

I was walking with an umbrella and my shoes fully soaked in water. It was awesome though 🙂

Near the tea-stall, I thought, “let’s have a walk besides the park… it must be real quiet and peaceful now…” and kept on walking. I was thinking of the roasted corns they sell near the park entrance; amidst a whole range of items… tender coconut, chats, guava and whatnot. Heavy rains means no business for them … and some hard times…

Nearing the park, noone was seen inside. Ofcourse it was raining… but I really thought someone must be roaming inside… for adventure’s sake!
Now I can see a humanish thing on a bench! But why isn’t it moving at all? Oh no, that last hope is also gone. It’s not nobody.

Wait, what is that light coming out of the pitch-dark tree-shades? My sixth sense said it must be the coal fire for roasting corn. But in this rain?? With noone there to buy!!

I couldn’t resist walking. Yes, it was the family who sold roasted corns. The husband and wife were standing still. Soaked to the bone. And an umbrella was protecting the shining coal fire.

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