New Year Resolutions

I just detected my boss’ IP address (XYZ.XYZ.XX.ZZ, XYZ.XYZ.XY.YZ, etc) in my blog’s visitor list. So am blocking the whole range of IP’s she is using.
Anyone using those IP-range will see “500 Internal Server Error”. Don’t mind.
So that was the new year resolution.

And yeah, I saw “3-Idiots”. It’s real sad to see a broken helicopter making someone commit suicide. So another new-year-resolution was to teach some basic DIY helicopter tricks for all. Afterall, that was just a toy. The following is a highly classified snapshot from some unknown-to-public area of my estate. It’s often a good idea to have a hidden helicopter and a removable roof. You never know when situation will demand a sudden escape.

from a secret location

from a secret location

Situation… Yeah, I hear a lot on worsening situation in Hyderabad, India. Agitators burn public buses, propery, malls … and the police gets “parental guidance” from courts and the like. Courts tell the police, “when the criminals are burning buses, don’t go too close. You may hurt yourselves” and also “don’t enter university campuses, you may disturb the ambience” and “make sure only students burn the buses, no outsiders” and so on.
If I remember correctly, there are three types of people in India. Those who want a separate telengana (google says “did you mean telangana?”); those who do not; and the rest. The first two categories say there are “students” with them. I don’t understand what the “students” are doing on the road. They should be fixing their helicopters rather.

I will upload the videos right here on how to do what you want to do with a helicopter. But I have other things to do right now. Every single move of mine is being monitored. All my 1001 tricks to evade office work have been exhausted. All performed excellent though.

Someone said, “why don’t you share your 1001 tricks with us? may be write a book?”. But my concern is what if someone else makes a movie on my book and catch the mullah. Well, I can blame them in my blog and on news-starving channels. And people will, ofcourse, buy my book to read and then justify whoever’s side. Infact, the court alone will need few hundred copies to attach with copies of their 1001-page verdict which, ideally, may come 19 years later or so.

And finally a very Happy New Year to all of us. God Bless India.

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