Oct 25 2010

The Lantern

‘Twas the lantern. The predecessor of what you see in the picture.

The Lantern

The Lantern

It burnt kerosene on a wick. And it was tough to insert a new wick into the lantern too. Part of our daily routine was to clean (the soot from) the lantern’s glass. And breaking the glass was a usual accident we were warned of. Continue reading

Jun 15 2010

Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law

Last night I saw “Kirchhoff’s voltage law” in the dream. 1Volt was missing in the 9Volts I supplied to the helicopter charger.

The sum of all the voltages around the loop is equal to zero. v1 + v2 + v3 + v4 = 0

The sum of all the voltages around the loop is equal to zero. v1 + v2 + v3 + v4 = 0

There was blockades all over the circuit. Every single electron was stopped and questioned by security personnel. Still the 1V was missing. Some barrier supposedly had broken and the suspected electrons had jumped over.

A detective followed the smell of missing electrons and traced them to the top of a non-working LED inside the heli. They were frightened like hell. Most of them had lost their minds dreading they would be grounded if caught alive.

The detective returned to base as if he had not seen anything. The hunt for missing electrons was still on.

( Inspired by “Shutter Island” )

Jun 9 2010

A Bug’s Death

It was 3 o’ clock at night. In my dream, an insect stung my left shoulder and I could feel my left arm getting paralyzed.

A small department of the brain was watchful. I could hear the personnel inside talking, “Wait a moment, isn’t this the same as the dream yesterday?”. All of a sudden, they raised alarm. And I got up. Continue reading

Jun 6 2010

Learning from the rich

History repeats! Exactly four years back, the first time I had had something in KFC, I had decided I would never do it again.

Today, I took the same oath again. Continue reading

Feb 13 2010

Get a job; Else, get Married

Many of us think “TimesJobs” is a job portal. One of my friends too did.

Last week, while on phone, he remarked, “after I uploaded my resume on TimesJobs, my mailbox is getting filled up with SPAM. Not a single authentic job related email!”. I too, after having been the victim of The Great Indiatimes Credit Card Fraud, took his words seriously. But not that seriously. Continue reading

Jan 1 2010

New Year Resolutions

I just detected my boss’ IP address (XYZ.XYZ.XX.ZZ, XYZ.XYZ.XY.YZ, etc) in my blog’s visitor list. So am blocking the whole range of IP’s she is using.
Anyone using those IP-range will see “500 Internal Server Error”. Don’t mind.
So that was the new year resolution.

And yeah, I saw “3-Idiots”. It’s real sad to see a broken helicopter making someone commit suicide. So another new-year-resolution was to teach some basic DIY helicopter tricks for all. Afterall, that was just a toy. The following is a highly classified snapshot from some unknown-to-public area of my estate. It’s often a good idea to have a hidden helicopter and a removable roof. You never know when situation will demand a sudden escape.

from a secret location

from a secret location

Continue reading

Dec 1 2009

DreamWorks -Two

Let’s just quickly celebrate first aniversary of me capturing this photo in Hyderabad, India.

Back A Year

Back A Year

I arrived there in the evening and was to join office the next morning. Was kinda feeling bad in the new place. So went for a small visit to this lake-side.

Back to yesterday’s dream:

A rose petal flew away in the wind. It started from the bushes in our backyard in a village in the Republic of India. It flew and flew and flew. Continue reading

Oct 16 2009

God made the Corns

Roasted corn days were getting over. All those hundreds of road-side vendors were nowhere to be seen. I was too fortunate to find one, that fine noon.

The corn vendor was a known face. I used to buy from him everytime while returning from lunch. I thought I should have clicked his photo as well; but didn’t do because his clothes were dirty and torn and that may make the world look at India as a poor country. So be satisfied with just the roasted corn.

Not that soft

Not that soft

Before I asked anything, he started the conversation that softer corns are no longer available. (I used to ask for softer ones, he remembers!). In fact, corn season was gone and he was fortunate enough to get a few. And he selected two soft ones for me and put them on fire. Continue reading

Sep 20 2009

What the Dog said

‘Google Voice’ offered a free VoIP phone number in the USA. And ofcourse I got one.

Sunday evening I wanted to play around with it. Make test calls and test all the features. Most amazing fact was that it allowed the callers to leave a voicemail when I am not there to answer the call. More amazing fact was that Google automatically converts the voicemail into text and sends the transcription to me via email. Still more amazing (and miraculous) fact is that … that … that it is able to DECODE WHAT THE DOGS SAY.

Not knowing what exactly I should do with it, I left the voicemail recording unattended and it recorded some voice of some dog downstairs.

To my utter surprise, there laying was an email with the recorded voice and a transscription like this:

And the Dog said Hello

And the Dog said Hello

If you stay in the US, you must try it once to believe.

Sep 8 2009

Two Thousand Words

The park on way home

The park on way home

[2nd thousand coming soon]