Encounter with Panthera Tigris

So it was my first day in college. Just a day after my first day in a hostel, ever.

While filling up the application form a month back, dad and I did fill it with too much of care. Hence we ended up in a wrongly filled form and wrong subjects of study.

We had filled Phy, Chem (i hate you!) and Maths and stuff but didn’t fill anything in the box marked for ‘4th optional subject’ where I wanted ‘Electronics’. We skipped that box because the tiny letters next to it said “to be filled for BSc admissions only”. Later on I learnt it was a printing mistake. Not a mistake exactly. It was a few-decades-old form that they still used; like all Government offices did (and do) in the country. And the decades-old-system didn’t have a 4th optional subject for intermediate students.

Whoever didn’t read the small letters, filled their choice for 4th optional subject. Others, who might not have realized till today, followed the same consequence as I. I ended up getting admission with ‘Biology’ as the 4th optional. Months-long of conspiracy plot against my Mom was at the verge of  failure.

Mom somewhat liked me to be a Doc, which was not my choice (I really didn’t bother choosing a career). Dad thought I would do good as an engineer. Poor dad! So the plot was that I would not take biology as a subject in college, and then I lose the eligibility to appear a Medical Entrance exam in future, forever. What an idea!

90% seats in the optional subject was in ‘Biology’ while the remaining 10% had ‘Electronics’ and ‘Statistics’, I guess. If you do not choose one, you will get the default which was ‘Biology’. So it happened.

I ran from door to door. There has been a mistake in subject allocation. How to correct it? And finally the Chemistry teacher (the Demon Superintendent of Juniper Hostel, nice name for a movie, no? like Demon Barber of Fleet Street?) directed me to his disciples in the Admin department. They said, “there is chance of a subject-change, after a month, if we find vacancy for any reason. And the vacancies will be filled by students on the basis of marks.” And the Demon advised me to start attending Elec classes from the first day. I would surely get a subject-change.

On the first day, I was already late. Running around to find where the Elec class was. And finally, in error, entered the ‘Biology’ class.

It was a class of 150 (500/3 approx) and I went to the top-most row in the gallery. Class had already started and teacher was busy interacting with over-interested students who had loads of doubts to ask on the very first day.

The teacher hardly looked at the last row. It was twice above his eye-level. I too was less interested in the lecture and joined the others in the row busy dreaming of stuff like lunch, high school, mangoes, aeroplanes and extraterrestrial matters. The teacher was saying ‘Panthera Tigris’ when I slipped into dream-consciousness. Not a single other word do I remember from my first and last biology class.

Next day onwards, I was in the ‘Electronics’ class. The Demon had everything in the college under his influence and it took no time getting permissions to attend the class and the lab sessions, even when I was not on their rolls. More on the Demon some other day.

Finally, it was declared officially. The notice board had my name, among others, saying we had to join different sections for all subjects and start attending the classes in new subject immediately.  All non-Biology people had to sit in one section for easy administration. Now the roll-calls had become quite interesting. It started somewhat with Roll#5 or 7 and ended with Roll#1 with some 150 people in between.

4 Responses to “Encounter with Panthera Tigris”

  • Saum Says:

    DRK guess u hav achieved everything u mention ower dere:
    1- Everyone calls u doc
    2- You r pretty much the best guy with tronics apart from that Tarini chap(hostel 6 remember)
    3- You dont even have to read bout panthera tigris(thats a flower rite?)

  • Deepak Says:

    This name from H6 you mentioned reminds me of another stranger who stayed near BTM 2ndstg 28th Main, near the lake…

    And did his best to make us follow his (they had a racket i guess) religious preachings. Coming up soon as a new title.

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