The Cheaters

Indians are rare in South Africa. It was the finals of the great IPL and not a thing to miss. Especially, because there would be a chance to meet some people from my own country.

The camera-guy was zooming onto a person sitting on the galleries, quite far away from us. The person was blabbering “Thanks to Modi. He should start 3-4 more PL’s next year…and bla bla”
So I asked the guy sitting next, “Who is Modi?”
He announced, “See this guy does not know Modi…..”

I was wondering if some Modi was really worth to be known by me. The only Modi I knew was part of the brand name “ModiCare”, which, in my opinion, was (and is) a cheat organisation. They used to take some 5000 INR from you and give you some toothpaste, toilet-paper, shoe-polish etc total worth 100 INR approx. But the printed MRP said around 7000 INR. So they say they give 7000 INR worth of high quality products (my foot) for a membership fee of 5000 INR only. And that’s not all of the benefits. You refer a friend of yours to join the chain (and make him/her get robbed of the 5000 INR), and you get a huge amount of cash (approx 50 INR) credited directly to your bank account. So it seemed a superb idea. By the way that chain business now resides in hell as expected.
(FYI: I was never involved with Modicare and have no enemity with them. Just remembered a ***dirty-word*** guy who TRIED to convince me join their network. Their products look cheaper now a days. You maw give a try at your own risk.)

One of the friends asked who I supported; the Bangalore team or the Hyderabad ones.
I said, “I don’t give a damn.”

“So you don’t watch cricket?”, he asked.
“I used to. When I was a kid.” was my reply.

Then his mind seemed to startle,

“My mom never allowed me to watch cricket on TV.
She used to tell, ‘do study properly, you will get enough free time for cricket afterwords’.
After college, she said, ‘first you get a job, then you have all the free time to watch cricket.'”

His volume was going on reaching the sky.

“And now after getting a job I hardly find time to switch on TV to watch cricket.

By this time match was getting more interesting and the others barked at him to keep quiet.

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