The Cockroach Episode

There was a cockroach. His name was T.

One day T got a dream. In his dream there was a beautiful lady cockroach other than his wife. They both went to Cafe Coffee Day to talk over a tea. While having tea, T got cough and spit the tea on the lady’s face.

[No more creative I can think of. Please complete the story as you wish.]

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  • DRK Says:

    Well, the lady cockroach didn’t get upset. She was so deep in love with T. She quietly pulled a sheet from the “PREMIER FACE TISSUE” box and wiped clean her face. (each sheet is manufactured dual-layer for better absorbance. Something like dual-core processors.)

    Out of the blue, T said, “I luv you!”

  • DRK Says:

    She said “I luv PREMIER FACE TISSUE!”

  • DRK Says:

    Then she spit her tea on T’s face and said,
    “Mere paas PREMIER hai. Tumhare paas kya hai?”

    T thought… and said, “Mere pass Maa hai.”

  • DRK Says:

    When T shouted this in dream, his wife got up and gave him a tight slap. Now T went to sleep again.

    In the morning, T said about the dream to his wife. Actually, T managed an underground advertising company. Recently, they finished shooting for an ANTI-LaxmanRekha product, designed for the safety of cockroaches.

    And yesterday, they had won the bid on the advertising project of PREMIER TISSUES, MALAYSIA, for their new product lunch. So T was wondering over the scripts for the advertisements. Anyways, the slap drew the line.

    Now his wife asked him to get some groceries. t was getting ready for work.

  • DRK Says:

    [Main Samay Hoon: Star Plus viewers liked our T episodes over the Saas-Bahu ones. So the channel asked us to prepare 100 more episodes while we hardly have script for a single new episode. We can’t think what to put in next episode. So let’s go to T’s history.]

    T was born T. His parents had become zombies when Umbrella Corporation failed to contain the deadly “T Virus” in Resident Evil.

    T’s mom was pregnant at that time and the scientists at Umbrella seized the newborn T because he seemed immune to T Virus.

    The scientists planned to devise antivirus from T’s blood (white, of course) in Resident Evil II. But…

  • DRK Says:

    T had two sisters; T-800 and T-1000 who escaped the eyes of Umbrella Corporation. They both went back in time and joined SkyNet Corporation that aimed at killing all humans.

    SkyNet first sent T-800 in their destructive mission. But crazy humans captured the T-800 and re-programmed it against SkyNet itself.

    The code was very easy o alter. It had two global variables “ALLY” and “ENEMY”. The crazy humans opened the code in Notepad++ (better than MS Notepad) and did the following string manipulations:
    replace all “ALLY” with “DUMMY”
    replace all “ENEMY” with “ALLY”
    replace all “DUMMY” with “ENEMY”

    [That’s it for today’s episode. See you here same time tomorrow…]

  • DRK Says:

    [Mein Samay Hoon: Star Plus ran a SMS poll as to what the viewers want to see in future cockroach episodes. Following is the result:
    Star Plus T Poll
    So here goes the final cockroach episode]

    T went out for groceries.

    It was evening time and I was getting ready to go out for a tea with the friend waiting downstairs. Suddenly I saw something moving on the floor. I always prefer the room dark. So I was not able to see what exactly it was. But it was T, on his way to find groceries.

    A cockroach is not allowed in my room. So on first sight, I wanted to hit him with anything I might find. And I gave him a blow with the pant I was about to wear.

    It sounded like a thunder. And T had disappeared. Now it was a bigger task to find the dead body. But there were no dead bodies. T was alive; inside the pant.

    Now I threw the pant on the floor and waited for T to come out. The next weapon I could grab was an emptied bottle of Coke. And ultimately T came out to receive successive blows from the Coke bottle. T had now become inverted T ( | ). Just like an overturned car with the wheels rolling in air.

    Further blows damaged the wheels of the car and T was almost dead. I threw him out and checked the pant if it had any blood stains.

    Later in the evening, by the time I could recall this incident, T’s deadbody was missing. Sources say T is still alive in the underground research labs of Umbrella Corporation.

  • Ni Says:

    Abe T ko marne ka revenge lene mein U ko tere jungle mein bheji hoon…Bachke rehna u cocki-killer.

  • Phool Says:

    Though its long since this story was framed, relished the joy on reading it for the second time…Hats off 2 u D!!!!


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