The Dust of Recession

Ever wondered why the roads and air of those dusty places in Hyderabad so dusty? I wondered till I found why.

If you can’t see a thing in the below picture, it’s because the loss of visibility due to the dust. So let me explain what was happening behind the scene.

Dust of Recession

Dust of Recession

The picture is 240 pixels wide X 307 pixels high. (We strongly recommend you open the picture in MS Paint) There are couple of street sweepers with the foremost broom-holding-hand at 127,186 while there is an array of sweepers behind till 109,176.

There is a severely-dust-suffocated nose at 78,157.

This ultra-high-risk picture was taken 15.9 mtrs away from the first broom-holding-hand (that’s the first risk). Those hands were moving in a perfectly random manner in order to ensure maximum diffusion of street dust into the air. I know there are functions in some computer languages called PHP or so, that generate random numbers. But this human randomization was far perfecter than the software. After a 10 minutes run of this sweeping process on the street, you can see a wall of invisibility with highly uniform dust composition. The street becomes dustless for a while.

Some brooms moved the dust away from the centre of the road, while the next broom brought it back. One sweeper sweeps it onto the footpath while the other sweeps it back onto the main road. So it was a dusty equilibrium.

Reflecting on this, I concluded this randomized sweeping behaviour was an outcome of the recent economic recession. The street sweepers do not want to lose their jobs. Just like you and me. Suppose they remove the dust from the streets. What’s next? What will they be paid for tomorrow?

Same with the dust-removal machine you saw on the Hyderabad roads. It removes the dust very clean and nice. But what for the operator’s employment? He/She too would do his/her best to save the job. That’s why the machine, after cleaning the road, dumps all the dust just on the border of the road. Tomorrow morning the dust would be back in position. And he/she will be back into action.

We occassionally discuss our post-layoff action plans. And some guys say we should go buy some cheap land in village and start a cattle farm. And sell milk.

Few days back, during a casual talk, Shv asked, “Are you planning to marry someone in your office?”

I said, “No.”

Shv: “Then?”

I: “I will find some farmer’s daughter…”

Plk: “with quite a¬†few acres of land and a couple of cows…?”

I: “Yes. And will do farming and milk business.”

Plk: “Then it would be tough to do all this work by self.”

I: “We will hire people.”

Advertisements will go like this: “Ex-infoscions required. Should be good at milking cows.”

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