The One-legged Chicken

So I decided to go veg for a day. It was a good decission after seeing so much of bloodshed in the kingdom of animals and birds. May be it was the effect of the memory of the shield I won in an essay contest back in school. The contest was organized by SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

In fact, SPCA does not advocate for go-veg. It says “kill them with love”. That is, to kill them with minimum pain.

So today is my veg-day. On the lunch table I saw all my favourite chicken items in the other person’s plate. And I had paid double the amount to get a mere veg fried rice and something they pronounced as ‘veg manchurian’. The veg stuff tasted worse with the glimpse of the chicken pieces making their way into the stomach on the other side of the table.And I decided to think something positive on my reason for going veg today.

The other guy asked, “How come you veg today?”
“Just like that” was my answer. I said, “I don’t take non-veg on some days” getting angry on the person eating the chicken that would, otherwise, have been mine.

“So you don’t eat non-veg on Mondays?”, asked he.
“Hmm… on specific Mondays”, I said.
“Like..?”, asked he.
“Like the Mondays that fall on 16th March 2009” was my final answer.

Meanwhile, I had made myself feel good by imagining how good an act I had performed today by not eating chicken. By sacrificing my love for a leg-piece, I saved a chicken from losing one leg and becoming handicapped.
by skipping that wing-chicken item, I spared one wing for some chicken that can, atleast, hope to fly, someday.

The one-legged chicken

The one-legged chicken

But again, assuming the chicken seller to be a kind person, he/she would not wish to see an one-legged chicken. So he/she would cut both the legs even though one leg would go un-sold; thanks to me. Hence, a better decission to help chickens would be to save their limbs in pairs. Each time you save one leg-piece, make sure you convince another person to do the same.

Post lunch, we were talking of the latest happenings in the world, South Africa, India, our office, etc. I thought I should ask him, “Shall we have veg. tomorrow?”

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