The Tea House



That’s the building I frequented during my stay at Bangalore. The tea they sold there was quite good.

I was not addicted to tea. But had a habit of taking some tea or coffee or water every time I visit friends over there. Almost everyday. By this daily routine of mine, I had got quite a few friends who used to sit beside me everyday and have tea. And talk. It was normal tea until I met a tea-addict lady who said there was better tea available at the top of the building. And to verify I tried once. And I continued having that tea for rest of my stay in Bangalore. (And that lady stopped taking tea). May be the lady got some commission based on the number of people she brought to the tea stall. I even suspect the lady and the tea stall in-charge (another lady) might have acquired the whole building in the recent years and spread the tea business.

There is no way to verify what’s happening in that building. Now I can’t even capture a shot like this from the roof-top. There have come up many huge buidings obstructing the view. Not just buildings; there are cities, villages, jungles, rivers and what not in between!

You might have thought I missed to put a caption for the photo. It was actually the 18th photo I took with my first and only camera. The photo was taken from the terrace of the house I stayed in for more than two years.

Yesterday, I called the house owner. He started the conversation with, “Thank you so very much for remembering…” and ended with “Thank you…” too.
He asked, “Any chance of you coming back to Bangalore?
I said, “May be.
You are most welcome. Do come back…We will welcome you in our house.

A good family they are. We (Ajt and I) had almost been a part of their family. I remember the evening the owner had said “Leave this house immediately. I don’t want tennants like you“. Actually, he didn’t like the way I spoke. But he got used to it. And liked it, may be.

When Ajt went to US and a room was vacant, Suds wanted to occupy the room. The owner even agreed to a monthly rent lower than what he was getting earlier. Suds said the person talked like: “I am very happy that Deepak got a company here…
They have been here for more than 2 years. Still I remember the evening when they came here with only one bag in hand. It was raining…

I could have added to the story: “He had nowhere to stay. No money to eat. I called him inside and provided some food. Gave the room to stay…And it became 2 years old story. Now he has made a big empire over here.

The coconut leaves you see in the photo are on the backyards of the house. There was a mango tree too. Mangoes were hanging 2-3 metres away from my balcony and I had devised lots of high-tech ways to pluck raw mangoes from there. (Not from the coconut trees, FYI)

Oh… tea. Yes, the day I left the house, the owner had brought tea for me in the morning. Earlier, one day he had a box of Banana chips that looked good but finally ended up in the dustbin after few months, still unused, untasted.

And I am no addict to tea. At home sometimes I wanted to have tea when I saw guests having it. And mom warned with a ‘NO‘. Now-a-days, when I go home for a week or so in 6 months, she asks in the evening if I would like some tea.

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  • Pulak Says:

    “At home sometimes I wanted to have tea when I saw guests having it. And mom warned with a ‘NO‘. Now-a-days, when I go home for a week or so in 6 months, she asks in the evening if I would like some tea.

    same thing had happened to me also

  • Saum Says:

    Well I have been a tea addict pretty much my whole life…one of the finer things in life I mention so often…I stopped drinking tea only for 4 years in engg and that’s when everything went wrong…but they are not correlated just as ur house owner and that teashop 😉

  • Magie Says:

    Very good Deepak!!

    May I know who is that lady? And I will find out the commission she has got and make sure you will get it.

    Why u are simply blaming her? 🙁

  • Magie Says:

    God knows you might be addicted to T because you wanted to visit and have a glance of the tea stall in-charge (another lady):)

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