Too Much of Too Much is Too Much

…Beacuse infinity multiplied by infinity becomes infinity.

∞ x ∞ = ∞


This is simple mathematics.


∞ x ∞ can be anything. Nobody ever multiplied this. You believe because this was on a maths book which your teacher trusted. If some Taliban regime covers the world, the mathematics books may say:

 infinity X infinity = zero

∞ x ∞ = 0

i.e. Too Much of Too Much is too Less!

Last time when I saw  the book ‘God Created The Integers’ in a friend’s room, I thought it was something readable. But believe me, the front and back covers were OK. But what’s inside, is not recommended for mortals. Inside, it was tightly stuffed with provable material. What a book! A perfect gift for a valentine’s day break-up.

God Created The Integers

Even that book can help you get rid of your old debts. When somebody comes to ask you the money you took long back, and sees this book in your book-self (better keep it on your bed or study table with a bookmark somewhere inside), he/she will get sure that your mental condition is not good. Even your lawer can prove your innocence by showing a photograph of you with this book in hand. This makes it damn sure you are a mental patient. Kill someone and throw this book near the dead body. No questions will be asked to you. It’s understood.

The book’s cover is OK. It doesn’t scare you. But I got scared at the ‘integration’ symbols () inside. How can people put a colorful cover outside and fill mathematics, theorems and lemmas inside? I was scared of the ‘Integrations’ in my class 12th exams. But I passed somehow.

I could never understand why the people want ME to prove something that celebrities like Pythagoras have already proved. They don’t trust Pythagoras? And they will believe if I prove the samething! Poor creatures. If something is already done, proved by someone else, and written on a book, why is this rework?

Students can better utilize their time in other and better things: something like ‘prove this mathematician was mad‘, or ‘what if the apple had hit Newton’s head?’ sort of thought-provoking topics.

I think I will go back to the teaching profession. Right to the kids, before their minds get adulterated with the meaningless symbols of derivatives and ‘integration’s .

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17 Responses to “Too Much of Too Much is Too Much”

  • Magie Says:

    Hi Deepak.. Master of Ideas,

    I will send 100 kids…….

  • Magie Says:

    I was planing to send orphans…not marrying blind person…
    Kill u

  • Saum Says:

    Hey u know what I think infinity(cant find the symbol on my keyboard and too lazy to copy) is like entropy of the universe…

    • Deepak Says:

      Entropy? I remember spongy’s dad taught us that in college. And it was the worst part of my college life.

      Another part was when I entered the biology class for the 1st and last time. (it was first day in college) It was a gallery of …

      Wow, how about a new topic!

  • Your DAD Says:

    If you cant understand a book, tis your problem.
    Grow up dude. and try studying something before writing the filthy.

    You know you are a fake. u didnt achieve anythng in life and will not achieve anythng in future.

    I am just controllign myself. You are just like a street dog. And you will end up on the street. You better stop the bullshit and stop this for ever. if you have guts let others read this genuine feedback on your writings. Finally u ****!

    • Deepak Says:

      Oh the most interesting comment till date!

      I am wondering why (the hell) your parents chose that kind of a name for you!

      And I will not remove your feedback. Not for guts. But for the reason that you will come here again and again to re-read what you have written. Even you can tell your friends to visit and see your feedback. Afterall I will get more readers. (I am just removing one uncivilzed word from your feedback)

      And more guts I will show you later.
      To be brief, I know:
      -you are in Bangalore;
      -you read my topics almost everyday in past one week.

      I have better work now but don’t ever think I will forget you.

  • Bibek Says:

    Nice Work !! Thought Provoking. I do feel the schooling system at India is not suitable. We just read and mug topics because its there in books. We usually don’t challenge the concepts and the very purpose of it. I just hope people realize it and bring the suitable changes to the system.

  • xyz Says:

    hey what the heck you think of yourself? writing fake testimonials will make u feel great? dont ever imagine to know who wrote this. if you know its in banglore, be happy with that. stop this bullshit and mind your business.

    • Deepak Says:

      Fake testimonials are like the fake truck-loads of crowd arranged by politicians for public speeches. Most of the crowd are daily labourers who skip one day’s work. They get free transport to the meeting place, free lunch and full one day’s wage.

      Back to you… “You despicable clump of septic sewer seepage”. NOI, I was jus testin a software to generate insults.
      That software also has option to choose Shakespearean insults. One example for you: “Thou bawdy, clay-brained malt-worm” or “Thou infectious, weak-hinged malignancy” 🙂

      I see you showed this to your parents and they changed your name! Now I would like to communicate to you on the new email ID you mentioned here. In the meanwhile, do enjoy your stay on

      • Hs Says:

        Why (the hell) you allow that unknown b$trrd’s comments? Saala demented jealous mind. Tu nahi, woh.

      • Deepak Says:

        As such it’s difficult ot get readers. He/She is reading atleast. Comments, I will delete someday secretly. And be clear whom you are scolding.

  • ni.dhi Says:


    One thing is confirmed…Visibility of ur blogs have increased and this xyz would have some blog..he must hav found u as a strong competitor stealing away his readers and that must be the reason why he’s back of ur blog.

    Rock as usual…….Cheers!!!

  • Phool Says:

    Wait a min..

    You said: This book is a perfect gift for a valentine’s day break-up..

    So D, how many such books have you received/gifted??? 😉

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