Water Skiing on Road

This is just to test video embedding inside my ideas. Do let me know if this video is working. Sound has been removed from this video for security reasons.

Now that you came here to read something, let’s talk of the scene.

The above video was captured by me when few people obstructed my camera while I was taking video of the road inside Innovative Film City, Bangalore. India. It was the last time I was in Bangalore. Not the last, it was prior to that.

Perhaps the parents were so deep in thought/talks regarding the kid’s future that they didn’t notice they are dragging the future as per their wish. Or may be it was the kid’s wish for a drag-ride. The kid seemed to be enjoying.

I could have sued these people for affecting my videography. But that did not occur to me earlier. The kid was so cute. I could not help imagining the kid held upside down and me clicking picture. (Original idea by Saum. We are gonna patent that pose.)

And what if these couple-looking people are not the kid’s parents? They might have stolen the strayed kid from inside the film-city. They may adopt it too. But what if the kid finally ends up with child-labour?

If you see this kid somewhere do report me. Not the police. The kid, when spotted last time, was wearing what it is wearing in the video. Its age is what you can guess from the video and we are not sure if it was a boy or girl.

To verify, just drag that kid on the road and it will enjoy that like water-skiing.

4 Responses to “Water Skiing on Road”

  • maggi Says:

    After 2-3 years you can upload the similar photo wiyh your baby..Y simply troubling other people for photo

  • Som Says:

    Another possibility: They might have mistaken the kid as their luggage . May be this is a new technique implemented by the Bangalore thieves.Taking away their luggage and replacing it with a child.

  • Deepak Says:

    A friend said yesterday:

    “How careless these parents are. Seems they had a fight/struggle before leaving. Which continued.”

    I was thinking: “What if the parents go on fighting and start running in different directions?” The kid is gone!

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