What the Dog said

‘Google Voice’ offered a free VoIP phone number in the USA. And ofcourse I got one.

Sunday evening I wanted to play around with it. Make test calls and test all the features. Most amazing fact was that it allowed the callers to leave a voicemail when I am not there to answer the call. More amazing fact was that Google automatically converts the voicemail into text and sends the transcription to me via email. Still more amazing (and miraculous) fact is that … that … that it is able to DECODE WHAT THE DOGS SAY.

Not knowing what exactly I should do with it, I left the voicemail recording unattended and it recorded some voice of some dog downstairs.

To my utter surprise, there laying was an email with the recorded voice and a transscription like this:

And the Dog said Hello

And the Dog said Hello

If you stay in the US, you must try it once to believe.

6 Responses to “What the Dog said”

  • Som Says:

    Amazing ….. Google’s biggest invention… Now they can decipher animal talk … This will bridge the communication gap …. By the way … was that dog your house owner’s pet one or a stray one …

    • DRK Says:

      Must have been a stray one. The pet dog has been in exile after I complained of its repeated attack on me.

      • phool Says:

        Hmm…thats coz of ur luck this time dear.
        Don’t ever imagine that in future ur pet dog’ll disappear on ur complaints…Even if she plans to, I’ll not let her deport…So beware!!!

  • Zion Says:

    Great Now I will know what my dog barked at me when I made it drink vodka. I felt he loved it cos I could see a smile in his face….:)

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