Wherever the bus goes

Phone rang at 11:30 and I got up. Friend was asking if I had the day free; and I did have.

I was supposed to call him back in an hour for lunch venue and (possibly) a movie. But I received a call “I am at Agara” (mind the ‘a’)
I asked, “What? You were supposed to wait for my call about the lunch venue!”
Reply: “I got into a bus and it was going towards …”

I: “And why (the hell) did you get into a bus?”
He: “I get into buses and go where it goes, on days when I am free 😀 “

I: “Okay, now get into another bus that comes towards my place. Nonveg is okay? We can go to a good restaurant here.”
He: “Okay. Done”

10 minutes later phone rang. I asked, “Are you almost reaching here?”
“No, I didn’t get into bus. I bought two lunch-coupons at the Jagannath temple :D”

I: “Umm, okay. (Since 2006, I was planning to have a lunch there, someday) I will be there in 30.”
He: “They say food will be over in 10-15 minutes”

I: “Okay, make it 20. I am coming.”

So, finally, I had lunch at the Jagannath temple.

What next?


Checked online booking, and all theatres were found houseful, except the corners of first rows! No idea who watched movies when most Bangaloreans were out on a long-weekend.

Population on long-weekends (last Diwali, and this Ugadi) is ideal for Bangalore; and bus ride is cool. This can stay; if there are stricter laws on population control. However, there always are ‘Didi’ characters that make sure no development activities can happen on Indian soil; just like they pulled Indian Railways back to stone-age.

We hoped, all this public-support-for-rail-budget on internet might reach some of those dumb, deaf ears. But, unfortunately, India has a single-digit internet penetration and these Didis do not care for literates. There still are 90+% of internet-illiterates in India for the vote-bank! And crooks can go to any extent (e.g. facebook ban) to stop Indian masses getting internet-literate. You mustn’t educate people or they might be able to distinguish the good from the bad.

A captured maoist once said ‘we aim to govern the whole of India in next 20 years’. And they are close. Else, who can twist the law and make A/C class traveler bear the price/expenditure hike of the normal class!!

We decided to get into bus. But where to?
Conductor asked the same. Friend replied, “Wherever the bus goes”

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