Will miss the Cream Biscuits

Someone broke the silence in the elevator, “Last day in paradise 🙁 …”

Yeah, people were busy packing their things up to exit from the office. Most discovered many items in the pedestal drawers; items considered long lost; cheque-book, diary, watch,marriage-ring… Items I discovered were a small bottle of Aquafina, Frooti, and a til-ka-ladoo (sweet made of Sesame seeds).

Scene was sentimental when the facilities head accepted my access card and keys. He wished us good luck and I thought of talking for a minute though I must run to catch the office shuttle, for the last time.

In shuttle, I asked, “does this go to ###?” One guy answered, “yes, yesterday also you went in this one :)” Oh, I faintly remember, it’s the same guy I had asked the same question yesterday.

3 seats were occupied in the 30-seater shuttle.

I extended my hand and said “Hi, am …”
He delayedly replied, “Hi” and smiled. I wasn’t sure why he decided not to introduce himself.

But he continued, “I am #### $@. I was sitting next to $$$$ in 6th floor. You might have seen me there. If you take a left when you enter, you would reach my desk.”

“I am from ####. Actually my full name is #### $$$$ @@@@. Here most people do not tell the last two parts of their name… they say just the first name… In my dad’s place all know me by surname… In mom’s place they call me by firstname though…”
I really had forgotten his name. I asked again, “what’s your FULL name?”

He continued, “It’s #### $$$$ @@@@. But in office outlook it appears like $$$$ @@@@, ####. Interesting 🙂 But my actual name is not how it displays in office outlook. It’s #### $$$$ @@@@”
I was silent for some time. But I thought may be this guy is too simple, simple as I like.

He added, “Hey you know about the HRA Declaration page…?” I pointed at a seat parallel to mine and said “you can come over there. :)”

He added, “How important is the house owner’s address in the declaration? Actually I have mentioned some extra amount in the HRA declaration. Will they come to the address to check it?”
I said “no. not as of now. but may be possible in few years.” I was thinking of the print-outs pasted at tea stalls in Hyderabad. “LTA and medical bills available here.”

We realized we are gonna work in a same office again. Discussed further on the seat numbers, his residence place, the problem of accommodating a desktop computer in his small 1BHK where the family of 3 reside… etc.

I was about to get down and shook hand with a “Bye, c ya”. And I asked, “but what’s your name? 🙂 You see I forget names..” He smiled back and said the name. I mentally derived a logic how this name is related to parts of two other names I know. So now I won’t forget it again.

But I will miss the cream-biscuits in that office. And the office too. Aamir Khan had a similar office in Ghajini.

Missing scene from Ghajini

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