Will She Come Back?

We roamed everywhere together. Visited so many places, many festivals, trekking, enjoyed the fireworks on rooftop on the new year’s eve. We shared seats in bus, train, flights. I often preserved the face tissues for her.

I remember when she first came to my house. She was (and is) so beautiful! We once knocked her down on the rocks during a trek. Still she didn’t say a word. But yes, someone touched her in her eye once; and she did complain to me. I took the fingerprint off her eye and tried to match it will all the people I found around; all  in vain.

A criminal touched her eye

A criminal touched her eye

I can’t see her in this plight anymore. This time it’s her eye again. She can’t lift her eye-lids.

It was the closing of a 2-days outdoor workshop. The guy sitting next to me asked for the camera. And I gave it to him assuming he wanted to see the snaps I had captured all 2 days.

But I heard a small unusual ‘click’ sound. Still looking at the presentation, I was thinking what this guy was trying to see on the camera’s front and  guessed the possibility of a that click. Ofcourse my immediate guess was correct, but I didn’t get time to look at her again in next few days. The guy had forcibly lifted her eye-lids.

Now she can’t see the world as she did before. All she sees is a strip of the scene in front. She still allows me to gently open and close her eye-lids by my hands. But it is risky. It can hurt her eye.

As she saw the world, the 5510th time

As she saw the world, the 5510th time

But the criminal can’t get away this time. It was all engraved in her memory during these 2 day’s  photo shoot. And now I have the *******’s picture on my laptop; as reproduced from her memory.

I don’t know what to do now. She was the first non-eatable thing I ever bought from my own income. Her parents are nowhere to reach to. But the guy who sat next to me, Beware. I am not gonna spare you. V for Vendetta!

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