NYC: Unimportant

Looking back at the power-packed good one day at NYC, here are some snaps that nobody cared to share 🙂

A panoramic view from the boat at Ellis Island. (Yes, that small thing is Statue of Liberty; and the right-most button is called ‘FullScreen’. Use mouse buttons and wheel if you feel like.)

Just in order to make sure the names are correct:

Statue Ticket NYC

And that’s the cruise.

Statue Cruise NYC

About Disembark (and the secret to panoramas 😛 )

NYC Panorama

Night thru window strips

Night NYC Panorama

So, You wanted some snow. huh?

Met department in the US seems to be doing magic. I wonder how they predict something like “3 drops of water will fall at 1:30PM next Monday”! And next Monday, the 3 drops definitely fall. If not from the sky, may be from the terrace or elsewhere.

Pleased to see real snow for the first time, exactly as forecast.

People said “you are lucky, you will see some more snow before you leave next week. there will be another bigger snow storm, Wed afternoon.” There were no “if” or “may”.
And Wed afternoon (3:30PM) snow-storm was scheduled in everyone’s MS Outlook Calendar. People who stay 9 minutes drive away, headed home somewhat exactly at 3:21PM. We did not bother about that; we had to feel some more snow.

Scene outside the meeting room was building up:

And grew aggressive:

Couple of hours later, there were no ways we could get back to the hotel. Every taxi service had the same reply, “Nothing available as of now. We will send one as soon as something is available.”
Hotel staff replied, “We have requested every possible taxi operator in this area. And sorry, our policy doesn’t allow running the hotel vehicle in such weather conditions.”

Few ‘hours’ later, a friendly voice from the hotel said, “My manager is cleaning snow off her personal car and getting ready to rescue you people.” That was it!
Few minutes and she arrived and signaled to jump into the vehicle. That was awesome a trip. I wished the hotel had been few hours from office.

(Un, un, un-fortunately, I didn’t notice my camera video quality/resolution was accidentally set to LOWEST 🙁 )

Next morning:

The muffin-like things are actually made from snow in the grass seen in 2nd image from top.

(From inside the same meeting room)